Washington DC Los Angeles Phoenix, Arizona Miami
1 hour $500 $700 $500 $500
2 hours $1000 $1400 $1000 $1000
3 hours $1500 $2100 $1500 $1500

Please inquire for additional hours. A portion of the time must be spent outside the room for engagements of 4 hours or longer. All donations are non-negotiable and are for time and companionship only.

***We request local currency for cites visited. Rates vary depending on city. Rates are also subject to change***


If your city is not in our visiting list, you can opt to “fly me to you”! A minimum 8 hour date is required plus travel expenses (airfare, hotel, et’al)


Pleased note that for encounters from 4 hours, Request a social time together or spa session , hangout in cites.